Secrets to Buying Expensive Looking Faux Leather
Posted by LuullaAdmin Tuesday 15 Aug 2017
Have you always dreamed of putting on a leather jacket to look fierce like those biker chics you see in movies? Trying on a leather jacket in store gives you a rugged and edgy vibe that you can portray yourself as a powerful and strong hardcore gal ... untill you look at the price tag attached to that leather jacket (yikes!). Still, you look at your dream jacket longingly. Look at how these fashionistas style their oh-so-cool leather look.

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We can't deny that real leather is expensive and premium leather will cost you an arm and a leg. Another choice is to go faux. It saves you loads as compared to genuine leather. Afraid that it will look tacky and cheap? I'll let you in on the little secrets when it comes to buying faux leather that looks expensive but it really isn't. No one will be able to tell the difference and the only person who will know will be you.

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1. Feel for texture

The best genuine leather has a kind of grainy texture. Opt for some variation in the leather pieces you select. What gives away faux leather is a perfectly smooth surface. In this case, imperfections are a blessing in disguise! The less perfect it is, the more real the leather looks.

Channel attitude when you don in this black moto jacket made with quality cowhide skin. Lined with cotton and silk fabric, this leather jacket does not only make you look cool, it also keeps you warm and comfortable as it is carefully crafted with the best materials. It even comes with pockets to allow you to bring your small personal belongings with you. Plus, the zipper hardware adds character to this structured leather jacket. Rock this look when you wear this edgy jacket over a feminine floral dress. The contrast is simply mind-blowing!

2. Mix faux leather with other materials like denim or suede

Instead of going leather all the way, select leather pieces that has a combination of two different materials like a denim skirt with leather pockets or a a shirt with leather collar. The contrast in texture makes the leather stand out which makes it highlight of your outfit.

During cold weathered days, knitwear is definitely everyone's favourite pick to stay warm and snuggly. Add some edge appeal to your cozy knitwear when you own this knitted cardigan with leather pockets. The leather adds a pop of contrast against the soft and comfy knit material. More reasons to love this cardigan is the shiny buttons that stand out which makes this cardigan more eye-catching. Coordinate this cardigan with your best denims and throw on a beanie hat to complete the look.

3. You can count on shoes

If you want to take a safe bet, shoes will be a good option when it comes to pulling off faux leather. One way to not give it away is to not let people get up close and get a good look at every single detail of what you're wearing. Shoes are a lot harder as compared to bags or jackets.

If you are looking for a footwear that is sophisticated and encapsulates the true meaning of class,look no further! These pair of leather loafers will be exactly what you're been searching for. The simple rounded ready-to-wear slip-on silhouette is designed to fit comfortably for a smart sleek look. These elegant duo are made from sleek leather that makes it perfect for both work and play. They're so versatile, not owning a pair of these beauties will be one of your biggest regret. For an elevated look, match these shoes with a striped skinny trousers and silky tank top.

4. Avoid skin-tight fit

Keep it loose and roomy. Our mission here is to save money and to not look cheap. A good fit is nice but try to avoid bodycon or leather leggings that are too tight.

This skater skirt is perfect choice. Not too tight and it looks pretty comfy to rock the look.Keeping it simple and classy, you can easily pair this leather skirt with anything to look effortlessly chic.

5. Select consistent colours

The best colours to select are black, white and bolder colours like metallic and bright red because they easily look more like the real deal as compared to brown. The idea is to select colours that are consistent across the garment.

A neon pink leather jacket to exude that electric feeling you can't shake off but still looking elegantly sleek at the same time. How cool is that?

6. Patent leather

If you are feeling bold and polished, try patent leather. No one will be able to tell the difference between real patent and faux patent. It is hard to tell from its glossy surface. I wouldn't be surprised if luxury brands use faux patent.

Made from glossy patent, these ankle high boots will captivate attention as they demand attention when you hit the town. Look all polished while the bold, contrasting stitches around the thick sole offers a daring fashion-forward style that will be icy cool. Make sure you lace these dare devils up in bright-coloured laces that will make heads turn. You can match these boots with anything in your wardrobe and still look fab as these boots the super versatile.

7. Mix and match to distract

Distract the eye from big pieces like jackets, skirts and bags by breaking up the full-on monochrome leather appearance. Play up the textures with beading, cut outs or fringe that will draw attention away and break up the full leather appearance. Plus, they would simply give more character to the faux leather piece.

The highlight of this skirt is the fringe that will add a playful hint as they swish around when you turn your dancing mode on. The multiple layers of fringe gives this skirt layers of style with an extra sling. This skirt is perfect for parties or even a casual day out with friends.

8. Less is more

Don't flaunt your faux leather pieces when in doubt. Less is more and it is easier to fake it if you don't see much of it especially at a distance. Include faux leather in small details like leather cuffs or a petite card holder which makes it difficult to distinguish from the genuine ones.

Everyone can use a touch of leather to their outfit. Feeling not bold enough to pull off the faux leather look without looking tacky? Small leather details like this simple leather strip cuff bracelet would be the easiest fashion piece to fake it, Plus, this bracelet is simple in design and it will easily match with anything and everything without giving it away. The stainless steel clasp adds a touch of class to this simple striped leather cuff. You can glam up your wrist game by matching this cuff bracelet with thin minimalist bracelet link chains.